TELCO Light Curtain Sensor: GridScan/Pro is a highly reliable SIL 2-certified safety light curtain for industrial doors. Equipped with EC type examination certification, it can be used at any door. Thanks to its multi-output design and the changeable operating mode (from blanking to static), the GridScan/Pro can be integrated in all types of door control systems.

Grid scan / Pro


• TÜV – EC Type examination certified
• SIL 2 certified
• Direct integration into the door edge due to door blanking
• Combined output with PNP/NPN (push-pull) and FSS
• Changeable operation between blanking and static mode
• Easiest alignment
• 2nd output for additional information
• Ideal for modernization projects due to FSS control unit
• Door closing speed up to 1.6 m/s
• Fulfills SIL 2 without testing if FSS output selected

  • Categories: Grid scan/ Pro
  • Tags: Elevator Technology
Cross section : 12 mm × 14.5 mm
Supply voltage USP : 10 ... 30 VDC


Elevator Technology


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