Kuebler Sendix Heavy Duty H100
The Sendix H100 is an extremely robust incremental encoder which is available in 3 versions – as a encoder with and without speed switch and as a twin encoder. The special HD-Safety-LockTM design makes it ideal for applications in heavy industry such as steel plants and cranes. Resistant materials, wide temperature ranges and high protection ensure insensitivity to the harshest environmental conditions. The innovative connection technology enables simple and quick installation.



• Particularly resistant
• Extremely robust bearing structure
• Simple installation
• Dimension Ø 115 mm
• 5.000 ppr incremental
• Max 11 mm shaft, with feather key

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Dimension: Ø 115 mm
Shaft type : 11 mm shaft, with feather key
Flange type : Euro flange Ø 115.00 mm
Connection types : Terminal box
Max. rotational speed : 6.000 min-1
Working temperature : -40 °C ... +100 °C
Power supply : 5...30 V DC 10...30 V DC
Interfaces : Gegentakt TTL / RS422



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