For heavy duty applications – extremely robust hollow shaft encoders.
The incremental encoder Sendix H120 is ideal for large motors and generators. It is highly accurate and extremely robust thanks to HD-Safety-Lock™ – the Heavy Duty hollow shaft design of the latest generation with strong bearing construction and integrated bearing insulation. The double-protected shaft, the wide temperature range and the high protection enable use even under the most adverse conditions. The particularly large hollow shaft up to 28 mm, the variety of mounting solutions and connection variants offer maximum flexibility during installation.



• For large motors and generators
• Particularly resistant
• Simple installation
• Dimension Ø 100 mm
• 5.000 ppr incremental
• Max 12 mm hollow shaft, blind hole
• Max 28 mm hollow shaft, through
• Max 16 mm insert shaft, cylindrical
• Max 17 mm insert shaft, tapered
• Max 1″ hollow shaft, through

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Dimension: Ø 100 mm
Shaft type : 12 mm hollow shaft, blind hole 16 mm hollow shaft, through 20 mm hollow shaft, through 25 mm hollow shaft, through 28 mm hollow shaft, through 1 " hollow shaft, through 16 mm insert shaft, cylindrical 17 mm insert shaft, tapered
Flange type : Ø 100.00 mm
Connection types : Radial cable M23 connector radial M12 connector radial Terminal box
Max. rotational speed : 6.000 min-1
Working temperature : -40 °C ... +100 °C
Power supply : 5 V DC 10...30 V DC
Interfaces : Gegentakt TTL / RS422



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